Tate Grossman Kelly & Iaccarino, LLP (TGKI Law Firm):

TGKI Law Firm was formed for the exclusive purpose of helping government municipalities, tribal nations, healthcare organizations, union health & pension funds, and other businesses recover damages caused by the pharmaceutical companies who are responsible for creating the modern-day epidemic known as the opioid crisis. Municipalities and other organizations have had to dedicate substantial resources to address this crisis which means that resources for other important programs may have been cut or eliminated all together. Together, the Partners of Tate Grossman Kelly & Iaccarino, LLP (TGKI) have over one hundred years of legal and successful litigation experience including complex mass tort and multi-district litigation (MDL). With offices in several states, TGKI Law Firm currently represents more than 100 municipalities and organizations across the country in current opioid-related class-action litigation.